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It's The Best(Joke) I Got, Guys... | Dear America, Don't resort to violence on Election Day tomorrow. Save it for Black Friday. Sincerely, Evil Toddler | image tagged in memes,evil toddler,election 2016 | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Saw that meme on Internet (if you can relate :D), so I thought of having one for my mini boxes collection too.. I think, I would be glad too if someone bother to take time wrapping a box. No jokes for this box, it's the third prototype; with spelling error on the first box, wax seal failing on second... P/S: you can find this wax seal at @backtozeroco shop by searching "yours sincerely". #waxseal #wrapabox #giftwrapping #waxsealing

"Dear tampon and pad companies, please make your items quieter to open. Sincerely, the entire bathroom now knows I am on my period, Thank you. "

I saw undertale smut....my virgin eyes......they hurt, sincerely, kacie and her burning retinas

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Dear rap artists, Please stop putting police sirens in your songs. Sincerely, every paranoid stoner. Follow ☆MUSTANG_M*A*M*A

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