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The Merovingians were a dynasty that came to rule the Franks in a region largely corresponding to ancient Gaul, from the middle of the fifth century. Description from I searched for this on

Frankish warrior clothing in the 5th century. Description from I searched for this on

Alongside the spear your typical Frank warrior would also carry a sword or shirt axe and a knife for close quarters attacks when the spear was too long to wield effectively. Description from I searched for this on

Woden’s Warriors by Ron Lines, from Wulfheodenas. These are pagan anglo-saxon reenactors. Bear in mind that the pagan germanic people, and the norse "viking" people, were virtually one and the same people, with the same culture, philosophy, and law system. The destruction of the ancient european societies, came about with the brutal judeo-christian-islamic terrorism, against our people! Woden is the germanic/saxon name for Odin.

Carolingian by Tadarida- BERTRADE DE LAON 2) BIOGRAPHIE. 2.2 SON MARIAGE AVEC PEPIN, 7: Elle est couronnée avec son mari à Soissons. En juillet 754, lors du sacre de son époux à St-Denis, elle reçoit la bénédiction du pape Etienne II, ainsi que Charles et Carloman. Dotée d'un caractère doux et affable, Bertrade est très active pendant le règne de son mari à qui elle donne souvent des conseils.