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Animated knots. Also available as an app. I need to learn these. I have no idea how to tie knots.

This vid demonstrates an excellent knot for joining two ropes. It won't ever jam or slip, and it unties like magic when you're done.

VIEW VIDEO: How to Tie a Zeppelin Bend The Zeppelin bend is such a secure joining knot, the US Navy actually used it to moor airships (zeppelins). It’s easy to tie, will not fail, and most si…

How to knot Knots! Great site! has animations, illustrations along with information about the knots.

in this video i will show you a much better way to tie the zeppelin bend which…

5 More Essential Sailing Knots And How To Use Them IN REAL LIFE! - YouTube ~ HOW TO TIE: (1) Zeppelin Bend (2) Constrictor Knot (3) Round Turn and Two Half Hitches (4) Rolling Hitch (5) Cleat Hitch ~This is a great video. The instruction is clear and easy to understand.