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Broward County ended out-of-school suspensions several years ago — an approach that Miami-Dade will adopt this year as well. At Pine Ridge Education Center in Fort Lauderdale, Principal Belinda Hope talks with teachers Geraldine Bartelle and Laura Kolo about Broward’s “PROMISE” program, which aims to keep students out of trouble while being disciplined for bad behavior. It stands for Preventing Recidivism through Opportunities, Mentoring, Interventions, Support & Education.

As school year starts, Miami-Dade rolls out a new approach to student discipline

Inequality in the Juvenile Justice System: School-to-prison pipeline

Inequality in the Juvenile Justice System: School-to-prison pipeline. This highlights how racism is able to enter the school system and make a devastating impact

Ending 'School-to-Prison Pipeline' Subject of U.S. Senate Hearing - Rules for Engagement - Education Week

STEM Interest on Rise Among High Schoolers, Report Finds - Curriculum Matters - Education Week

How High-Stakes Testing Feeds the School-to-Prison Pipeline Infographic | FairTest

How high-stakes testing feeds the school-to-prison pipeline - Infographic by FairTest, the National Center for Fair and Open Testing

Powerful graphic on Education vs Incarceration. The first factoid alone is telling of what our priorities really are: we spend three times as much to house a prisoner than we do to educate a student? Graphic from presente.org,

Teen Faces Years in Prison for 'Sarcastic Comment' He Made on Facebook

Using Philadelphia as an example, this graphic compares the cost, both financial and societal, of education and incarceration. Designed by Jason Killinger for Maskar Design Education vs.

Teens serving time. Is this true justice or a travesty? Go digital with this Google Apps compatible research project! Teach high school research with a topic that captivates teens – juvenile justice. Juvenile Justice Research: Teens Serving Time can be easily implemented in ELA and Social Studies. Use as a short term research project to supplement Monster by Walter Dean Myers, In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, and with the Serial podcast!

Juvenile Justice Research Project: Real Life Teens Serving Time

Over 12,000 school kids were arrested in Florida. It makes Florida the nation's leader in that area,' says Dream Defenders

Common Core expects English teachers to spend half of their reading time at every grade on informational texts, says opponent

Henry Giroux on the "School to Prison Pipeline"

Henry Giroux on the "School to Prison Pipeline"

NYC Teachers Wear Shirts to Support Cops After Cop Murders Black Man. The smiling white face of the school to prison pipeline, white people showing support for white cops who kill unarmed black people. The latest group to hop on this bandwagon is New York City public school teachers who, after expressly being told to refrain from wearing “inappropriate apparel” / pro-cop shirts to school, wore NYPD shirts, anyway.

Gender, Sexuality and Power - Social Media as platform of dissent