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I went to the cinema and... I couldn't stop myself! In the picture Elsectro and a bit sick Spidey. Previous Comics  My Tumblr  My Facebook Account

Princess Aurora by `daekazu on deviantART ~ Disney " Sarah Bolger as two versions of Princess Aurora. From classical Disney's 'Sleeping Beauty' and from 'Once Upon a Time'. " ~ as quoted by artist on his site.

Ladies and gentlemen - yesterday my Pink Sugar had her birthday. She is 5 years old. For this occasion I've done this artwork. ;] The first picture with Pink Sugar was finished 7.11.2002. :] P...

I'm still trying to decide the name of a chapter in the Prelude where Agent Lair has a hardcore action scene. The original title is...wait for it..."a rose with thorns". What a coincidence that the girl in this image looks like my vision of Lair!