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Home Pet Euthanasia-Stinker We could not have Stinker put to rest in a strange place. Her home was the only choice. Dr Forslund was exceptionally accommodating in seeing us on rather short notice later in the day Stinker was diagnosed, minimizing her discomfort. The process was handled exceptionally by Dr. Forslund, with care and tenderness, compassion, and a concern for Stinker's well being as well as ours.

MISS - A1092719 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 10/14/16*** PEOPLE NEED TO UNDERSTAND CATS BEFORE THEY GO DUMPING THEM! ANOTHER OWNER DUMP, DUE TO “HOUSE SOILING ISSUES.” Yet has not been seen by a vet. MISS is 12 years old and SPAYED, so it can very well be something as simple to cure as a UTI! There are other things that can cause this behavior that a competent vet can see and explain. But she was the previous owners cat since she was a kitten…and they

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Clean your Body’s Drains: 10 Ways to Detoxify your Lymphatic System

A Well Being~ Cranberry Cleanser: The juice acts by cleansing your lymphatic system and eliminating body fat. This is a juicing recipe and it can be done in a blender but you should add at least a cup of water. Drink every morning for 7 days. or

** Pouncer must be brain-damaged. | Follow @gwylio0148 or visit for more diy/kids/pets videos

JOHNNY BRAVO - A1093620 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 10/23/16 **ON PUBLIC LIST** A volunteer writes: Johnny Bravo does not go after birds, bikes or squirrels. His nemesis are flies. It is so funny to see this well-mannered dog running and jumping smoothly after a tiny insect. A lovely smile and gentle eyes uncover Johnny Bravo’s sweet and even personality. He is really a pleasure to be with! After an initial rush to do his business, Johnny B cruises nic

What happened when my family first saw dan and phil. Also, after I said that they're not cannon my dad said "there's no way they're straight, I know what it looks like to be in love, and it's that."

........... r you like..... trying to fuck with me right now.

10/16/16-HOUSTON-Robyn Arouty“You wouldn’t have recognized me 6 weeks ago. (Photos in comments) I was 6 months old. Only weighed 6 pounds. Had no hair. They threw me over a 6 foot fence at a boarding facility. Lots more than 6 people came together to save me and get me well. That WAS my story. It’s being rewritten now. Starting with a new Lucky Number: 6!” Available for adoption through Jamie's Animal Rescue.

POOFY - A1091735 - - Brooklyn ***TO BE DESTROYED 10/16/16*** POOFY IS A 6 YEAR OLD, ALREADY NEUTERED GUY. DUMPED FOR ” PERSONAL REASON’S!” Yet even after the folks at the ACC left the former owner a voicemail, asking for information on his behaviour, this owner DID NOT RESPOND NOR did they respond when they DUMPED him! Really nice, huh?? Well, at least POOFY can talk through his own actions, which speak louder than words… and his “actions&#822