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Moving changes so much after you have kids!

Check out this funny photo of a peach that looks really angry, on!

From hilarious videos to alarmingly accurate memes, take a trip down memory lane with 2014’s best parenting moments.

Which is Harder: Being the President or a Mom? | More LOLs & Funny Stuff for Moms | NickMom


Ocean Water

Ocean Water - 7Up or Sprite, blue food coloring, Swedish Fish. Fun for kids summer parties. // For more family resources visit! :)

Because us Potterheads always enjoy a good Twilight-bashing. You're welcome.

Only punjabi speaking folk will get this.... More about tradition then anything else but funny as f**k

It's The Most Obnoxious Meal Of The Day. It's not quite this bad, but this made me chuckle because there is certainly some truth to this.