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Explore Chinese Magic, 11 Chinese and more!

Week 11: Having a Chinese Tea Ceremony- could be a fun lesson to go with Ancient China

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You'll Never Forgive Your Teachers For Not Showing You These 11 Math Hacks

3. How To Figure Out Multiples Of Nine

Week 11: GREAT WALL OF CHINA Paper Model - Paper toys, models, and other stuff at

Week 11: How to make a colorful, easy abacus

This is a website created for Algebra 1 teachers that are adopting Common Core Math.

Fraction Butterfly Mini Anchor Chart FREEBIE - cross multiply to find equivalent fractions to compare fractions or add & subtract fractions with different denominators. Provides a quick, visual reminder of the strategy for adding & subtracting fractions found in the CCSS 5.NF.A.1 (a/b + c/d = (ad + bc)/bd). See