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Another good book written for kids that makes you think about our future is Surviving Antarctica by Andrea White. She is married to Bill White who ran for governor against Perry last time. It paints a sad future for America. And again reality TV is a huge factor. That is the scary part for me. Let's pray that it will be brighter for our children and our children's children.

Keeping the #romance alive after #marriage : Staying married is easy. Staying happily married is another ball game altogether. And one that takes some effort. When you are newly-weds, married life seems like an adventure with the thrill of discovering your partner every day. But as time passes, with children and other responsibilities in the picture, the spark slowly fades and you end up in a routine with your partner, where you keep dancing to the same song and can predict all the steps.

joyfuljaxcrochets.and.knits Hi friends I guess it's time for another #fridayintroductions for those who have recently started following my yarnie and Alaskan adventures. Welcome! My name is Jackie (that's me with our sweet dog Molly) and here is a little bit about me: I've lived in the state of Alaska for over 30 years and it's beauty still takes my breath away. Dear hubby and I have been married going on 35 years (all thanks and glory to God). I think of marriage as a garden that will…

Each Peach Pear Plum. A book as old as me I have been meaning to write this post for years. I am not sure why I never did. It's one of those things that you think I'll get around to it eventually but then life takes over. There is this book that I love called Each Peach Pear Plum. Currently we have a hardback cover that I found out of serendipity in a Bali bookstore between princesses and transformer sticker books. Right now I'm on the second copy of this book I'm not sure where the…

Nine Mile Bridge: Three Years in the Maine Woods. In the late 1930s, at age 20, Helen Hamlin moved to the Maine/Canadian border to teach French children in a lumber camp. She married a game warden soon after. Similar to We Took To The Woods, she details what life was like in the lumber camps; along with being snow bound, snow shoeing 20-30 miles, the life of a game warden, etc. Great book.

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