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6. Add the coffee to about a 1/2 inch (15 mm) from the top of the glass. Stir the sugar and whiskey mix as you go. Don't forget to leave room for the cream.

4. Sweeten the coffee. In each of your glasses, add about a tablespoon (15 ml) of brown sugar.

3. Heat the glass. To prevent the glass from cracking, heat it by holding over some steaming water for a few seconds. Leave the mixing spoon in the glass as this will aid to absorb some of the coffee heat if the glass is thick.

2. Whip the cream. Pour the cream into a jug or bowl and lightly whip. The cream is ready when it becomes smooth and doesn't drip off the spoon. If you wish, add two tablespoons of sugar to the cream to help improve its consistency and flavour.

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