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Pictures of the day: 26 November 2015

A seagull appears to pose for the camera Monterey Bay, California. RAVENOUS seagulls battle each other in the sky in these incredible close-up photographs. The bold birds are notoriously unafraid of humans and have been known to snatch food right out of people's hands. Brave photographer Kei Nomiyama used this fact to his advantage, capturing amazing shots of the birds closing-in on him to grab a meal. One of his amazing images shows a seagull swooping down to attack another, while in a…

Una mariposa Attacus atlas se posa en la cara de una visitante en el Jardín Botánico de la Universidad Masaryk, Brno, Chequia (Radek Mica, 2014)

Dos cachorros de osos polares juegan en el borde de un banco de hielo en Bernard Spit, una isla frente a la costa noreste de Alaska (Steven Kazlowski, 2014)

Un grupo de murciélagos de la fruta colgados en un árbol, Kasanka National Park, Zambia (Stephen Belcher, 2015)

Pictures of the day: 29 January 2016

A kestrel swoops just millimetres from the ground as he hunts for food on a British road. The common kestrel looks like he is about to land - but he flies on, his wing-tips almost brushing the earth

Pictures of the day: 13 November 2014

A red deer grazes following the end of the rutting season in Glen Etive, Scotland. The rutting season sees the large red deer stags compete against each other for mating rights and can be heard roaring and bellowing in an attempt to attract the hinds. The rut draws to a close in early November when the males will spend the winter feeding to regain strength for the following year's season.

Pictures of the day: 24 September 2015

Two lion cubs play during their first public appearance at the Columbus Zoo in Columbus, Ohio

Focus on Nature: Wildlife photography competition

Hundreds of professional and amateur wildlife photographers submitted images to Focus on Nature, one of the monthly photography competitions run by The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers.

Black-browed Albatross by Michael Shepard: Taken on Steeple Jason Island, Falkland Islands. With a wingspan of 11 feet and a documented lifespan of 50 years, they may leave land behind them for 5 -10 years. #Albatross #Falkland_Islands