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And I'm dead. I barely wrote a 7 page art analysis paper on a detailed artwork and he writes a 12k word paper on a colored canvas with a color he couldn't even see!! Hats off to him.

Community Post: 29 Reasons Why Night Vale Is Unlike Anything Else On The Internet

I'm still unsure if it's bad that I find #WelcomeToNightVale extremely motivational and comforting

Do it all the time. I'm used to being alone. I enjoy it, it allows u to listen, to see things from a new percpective.

Knowing who you are how hard you've worked to get to this point and absolutely loving yourself for the man/woman you've grown to be should always exude high confidence. It's not cockiness or not being humble because you know what you put into becoming this person and what you're willing to do to continue growing and evolving. You know that God blessed you along the way therefore you know it wasn't all you. But never I say never sell yourself short in having the high confidence in yourself…

I feel like I should frame this and put it on my I feel like I can do anything.. I could clean the whole house, I could take over the world and rule it as a dictator with no mercy, I could bake 10 cakes. This post is just so motivating...

Sometimes I was depressed, pissed, severely angry, etc, before I went on a jog and run. I swear I’m the happiest person I know right now, post-workout.. Whoop.