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High School Teacher Brightens Students’ Days with Classroom Doodles | Doodlers Anonymous


The Secret of Happiness You See is Not Found in Seeking More but in Developing the Capacity to Enjoy Less.

Mykrantz's Peroxide Tooth Wash The Mykrantz Pharmacy Columbus, O.


comicsodissey: RED SONJA #8 25 Wow!

comicsodissey: RED SONJA #8 25 Wow!

NO ONE EQUALS DOOM!: Batman Hush Unwrapped

"It's exactly like this... the most adorkable Dragon Age romance ever." I love it.

THE BEST quote from Doctor Who. The kid from the episode of 'The Family of Blood' always made me think of if thats what the Doctor was like when he was a kid

Holding It Together quote Poster art by gemgoode