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Legend is full of strange, hybrid creatures, and Photoshoppers have dedicated countless hours to creating new ones. But this list contains no Photoshopped

Hybrid Animals Sheep-goat Also called a 'geep' or 'shoat', this cross between a sheep and a goat are quite rare.

Farmer Paddy Murphy and his unnamed 'geep'. A rare, hybrid animal that is part goat and part sheep has been born on a farm in the Republic of Ireland.

geep, combining of DNA, sheep and goat, the scientists were asked why, the answer "We wanted to see if it was possible" (mad science)

Animals Native to Ethiopia | ... Sheep = Geep: A note on an unusual lexicalisation | Basket to Ethiopia

Sheep-goats This cross between a sheep and a goat is rare because goats and sheep each belong to a different genus. Though matings between the two are known to occur, the offspring most often is stillborn. Even so, live births have occurred, the most famous of which happened in Botswana in 2000. Called the Toast of Botswana, the animal was infertile but it had an active libido — so active, in fact, that it earned itself the nickname of "Bemya", meaning rapist

I'm the black GEEP! Hybrid part-sheep, part-goat born on Irish farm #DailyMail

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