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Tips for Incoming High School Freshman

Tips for Incoming High School Freshman

I am going to be a freshman in high-school this year and I am never any good at talking to people and all of my friends are moving away. Tips for Incoming High School Freshman

My Geometry students loved this!  This Classifying Triangles card sort worksheet activity was the perfect activity for my Middle School Math & High School Geometry students to practice sorting triangles by their angle and side measurements.  Students had to figure out if the triangles with Equilateral, Isosceles, or Scalene.  Then they had to figure out if they were Equiangular, Right, Acute, or Obtuse Triangles.  I will definitely be doing this in our math interactive notebooks again!

Classifying Triangles Card Sort

By the end of the activity student should be able to identify what type of triangle each triangle is based on prior knowledge.

When ball is life: | 29 Tumblr Posts Only "High School Musical" Fans Will Appreciate

When ball is life:

And then to all your friends when you leave for college: "You'll be in my heart... From this day on, now and forever more..." - this last comment is just genius!

High School Life Told By Disney Lyrics… the finish should be more like, when will my life begin. But dat High School Musical doe

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Wallpaper and background photos of Rich People. for fans of Ouran High School Host Club images.

High School Graduation Decoration Ideas | Graduation Ideas

100 Words Every High School Student Should Know Gonna work on this. (Does this mean I have to go back to HS? There are words on here I've never heard of & I have a college degree!