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What Is Your Element?

Luna was never able to use her powers freely because she was afraid of being sent away like her sister, but she tried to get away as much as possible to practice :)

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What Type Of Princess Are You?


Astrology & Magic Zodiac Signs and Magic. What are you good at? With what…

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10 signaux d’alarme que l'univers vous envoie

The government gets their powers from Article 1, Section 8. They people who have the power can easily get it taken away if they do something wrong.

Gorgeous goddess. Repin and Share!

Inutition vs Interferance When Reading the Cards One of the biggest obstacles I had to overcome when reading the cards was the urge to make them fit the situation. Have you ever had a tarot spread come up and thought the cards were "out of order," as they didn't fit what you believed to be happening, or they really weren't what you wanted to see?

“There is not some pre-destined pathway that you must travel, only the one that you choose.”

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Emrys Art Print by WHIMSYCATCHER

The best, and I mean THE BEST, part of this picture is that merlin is shirtless.... (: