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What is breast reduction surgery? Read our post to find out!

Fabriquer du savon liquide : 2 c. à soupe de savon de Marseille en copeaux fin (ou râpé finement) 500 ml d’eau chaude 3 c. à café de glycérine végétale 2 c. à café d’huile d’olive 3 gouttes d’huile essentielle de lavande (facultatif)

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Treating Mohs Surgery #Skincancer Scars

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Do scars spread? via @inviciblescars The answer is yes and no. Typical scars, like acne scars, surgery scars or c-section scars do not spread. Of course, if you gain weight, then it is merely the skin stretching rather than the scar actually spreading. However, there is one type of scar that will spread beyond the bounds of the wound, and …

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