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Open w/ Alisha)) I'm walking home from work and finger my bag with narrowed eyes. I don't know who could be around here seeing as I've been here for only a few short weeks. One hand itched for the gun hidden well under my skirt while the other held onto my bag. I would probably gut the next person who tried talking to me.

I screamed from the back seat, hoping they would slow down, if not stop. They sped up, faster and faster by the moment. I felt my stomach jump, with every bump on the road. I grabbed the seat in front of me, hoping to catch my breath. I soon realized there was a monstrous car racing straight toward the car I sit in. I pleaded more-so, praying someone would back out in the instant, but it was too late.

from Culture Trip

The 10 Best Bars To Head To In Stockholm

OMG this is the most amazing and beautiful view you could even imagine can you just imagine if you could see this amazing view every day.