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FIREARMS: Which One is the Criminal?

BUGGY: 1916: Buggy Ad. Not ready for a motor car? Horse never included.

ADVICE: 1908 a Philadelphia advertisement for ‘Palmist Fletcher’ – note he does not find things or tell the future – bit if a handy job?

CELEBRITY CAP: Mary Pickford Cap, December 1914. It even has her signature. $2.50 for the silk plush style.

TRAVEL: Passage between Europe and the United States

EDUCATION: Herb Flints College of Hypnotism - MPSM Dec 1912

SELF IMPROVEMENT: Learn how to wrestle at home

BEVERAGE: 1909 'The Faust Beer' - 10¢ a bottle - 'Bottle with Labels' Anheuser-Busch Export Beer, St. Louis, MO

SKIN CARE: Pompeian Night Cream, November 1915

NEWS: This newspaper is clean and truthful.