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Old City, Jodhpur, RAJ, IN Sati A religious funeral practice among some Indian communities in which a recently widowed woman would have immolated herself on her husband’s funeral pyre.

Photo so beautiful it makes me want a matched pair of zebu or whatever these are, and a really spiffy cart for them to pull.

women at work pick tea leaves in the fields near Ooty, Tamil Nadua, southern India. Photo: anthony pappone photographer, via Flickr

*Bodhichitta practice. Take tonglen further* 7♥Doing tonglen for all sentient beings doesn’t have to be separate from doing it for yourself and your immediate situation♥We need to hear this over and over♥When we connect with our own suffering, reflect that countless beings at this very moment are feeling exactly what we feel♥When we practice for all sentient beings and for ourselves at the same time, we begin to realize that self and others are not actually different.

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