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This little dogs mums loves her surprise gift of a pet portrait cushion... Too cute...

Shoe Hacks that will make your feet smile

Shoe Hacks that will make your feet smile

'Is the cat behind us?' ~ 'I'll have a Look for you Baby' - Cute Little Baby with a Corgi Dog and Cat

Lucy is 4 today. She had Scottietude from day 0ne. She was born to Arrrrooooo and to chomp. She is a cute little girl though. Happy Birthday, Sister. ~ Indy

Stella. She's so funny. I'm no stranger to dogs eating food off the kitchen bench - it's an occupational hazard having big dogs! Hank has eaten a whole pot of red lentil dhal a packet of cumin seeds a container of olives... Charlie ate the famous apple and ginger tea cake... Holly's jumped up and eaten a half a cooked pumpkin... Tonight I made naan breads to go with our dinner and had them cooked and ready to go wrapped in a cloth to stay moist. I was doing a few things at once (sorting out…

Arthur Fonzarelli the Terrier Mix: He's been featured on both Dog Shaming and Dogs in Pubs. Famously, Artie managed to eat his mum's straighteners the night before a wedding. He's a courageous little man, who says hello to the majority of dogs, welcome or not! He loves chasing ice cubes, stealing pillows but hates the rain.

My Mums happy little pup! cute adorable cattle dog cattledog pup puppy Australian Cattle dog, stumpy tail. LOVE. Bella In Bindyland

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