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Mote Huesilhos, a chilean fresh beverage made with peaches and mate tea.

Chilean Bellflower - Lapageria rosea - was rightfully chosen as the national flower of Chile. The sumptuous flowers of this cool-climate vine are treasured by gardeners for their beauty. The lovely white cultivar shown here is very rare. Freshly picked seeds are almost never seen for sale.

Berlines....(They are called in Germany "Pfannkuchen Berliner" is a kind of bun is not unique to Chile, but they are very popular in bakeries in the country. It is a preparation of pastry made ​​from yeast dough very typical of the Berlin and is usually filled with jam or custard dish (fresh milk). The outside of Berlin are glazed with sugar into fine powder. In Chile is usually eaten in the winter).

Chilean sea bass with lemon, dill & caper sauce

Pan-seared Chilean sea bass is seared on the stove, finished in the oven and draped with a quick wine, butter, lemon, dill & caper sauce. Finished in under 30 minutes, you will think you are eating at a fine restaurant.

Pebre: Chilean Tomato & Cilantro Salsa. delicious, simple & fresh. the PERFECT sauce/dip for bbqs, picnics etc.

Humitas or steamed fresh corn cakes

Humitas or Steamed Fresh Corn Cakes | Humitas are made from fresh corn, which is ground with other ingredients and then stuffedin a fresh corn husk and steamed.In Ecuador humitas are very popular in the Sierra or Highland region, especially in cities like Loja, Cuenca or Quito, and they are typically eaten for breakfast or with the afternoon coffee. | From: