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Aufabenreiten/offenes Training CHIO Aachen Deutsche Bank Stadion 2016 <3

Teaching your horse to ride with no tack. [tackless riding tutorial] - YouTube

How to Teach your horse to do LIBERTY Part 2 [Liberty Circles] - YouTube

Is this you--trying to lean and drag your horse onto the correct lead? If so, you've probably discovered it doesn't work, at least not consistently--and certainly not...

20 Signs That Your Horse Benefits From Your Riding

Bounce grid with ground poles, small vertical, and crossrail |

Riding Exercise #4: Cruising Lesson Goal: To be able to trot and canter on a loose rein and have the horse maintain that gait and speed by himself - not any faster, and not any slower. More about the exercise:

Correct Leg Aids to Engage the Horse's Back || 1. impulse to get the horse to move forward (like karate chops, same time each leg). 2. pressure from one leg to move the hind quarters (laterally). 3. collection, a little pluck below line of barrel.

6 exercises to improve dressage rider leg strength

Easy jumping exercises, back to basics for the advanced horse and rider to clean sweep the ribbons on show day. Description from I searched for this on