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Explore Fannie Bay, 1973 and more!

The view to Fannie Bay from East Point, 1975

Aerial view of Darwin harbour and city (background), Fannie Bay (right), Ludmilla and Bagot Road (centre).1968

Fannie Bay. There are two men on the left and the meatworks can be seen across the bay.1930

Aerial view of railway yards and Fannie Bay.c1960

Sunset over Fannie Bay Darwin at the Trailer Boat Club, just one of the many clubs and resaurants around Darwin which provide a spectacular view over the water.

Shows Ross Smith Avenue, Kurringal Flats Fannie Bay Gaol, Fannie Bay and Parap 1978

Aerial view of Parap and Fannie Bay, Parap swimming pool , DCA workshops , Ross Smith Hostel , Ross Smith Avenue on right, Parap Shopping Centre 1968