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Martin Luther King Jr. Portrait Created With 4,242 Rubik's Cubes

25 amazing lip art ideas from Instagram

Lips. Andrea Reed | Victoria, BC (@girlgreybeauty) • Instagram photos and videos Shop:

This Took Him 37 Years To Make. When Someone Accidentally Bumps Into It... Watch Out.

An artist has dedicated 37 years to build this impressive and almost-magical structure!! It's made out of only toothpicks. Yes, ONLY toothpicks. If anyone ever bumps into this thing, you better run far, far away. The creator would be devastated!!!

Art in a leaf…    I never tire of seeing this amazing stealth of hand.  Awesome.

Artist Creates Beautifully Intricate Pieces of Art on Leaves

Omid Asadi collects fallen leaves and gives them new life by cutting intricately detailed images into them with a craft knife and needle.