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Silent Sustained Reading: "Indeed, the ultimate goal of a literature program is to turn students into readers who, of their own free will, read self-selected literature with enjoyment, understanding, and appreciation" (Lynch-Brown, Short, & Tomlinson, p.

Hello. I'm Friday, and I'm six! My old mummy hitted me, but then, our car crashed. I was hurt a little bit, but it made me see dead people, like my old mummy. No one believed me, so the mean people sent me here. Everyone here is nice, but sad too.

Gorgeous Eyelid Crease and Color This is natural, no asian blepharoplasty surgery whatsoever ;) source: check out double eyelid surgery reviews and photos here Another sample: zayn malik one...

"The upside of down" these babies are so adorable. Awesome photography captures their love of life.

I really love the work of photographer Mevrouw Fluitekruidje! She made this book : The upside of Down...beautiful! It shows us that every human is beautiful in is own way!

Inspiration, ideas and original details for babies and kids such as decoration, furniture, accessories, bottles, pacifiers, strollers, bibs and clothes, gifts, toys, crafts and entertainment, theme parties and easy recipes

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