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THIERRY MUGLER ANGEL PRESTIGE GIFT SET ~ Christmas is coming and many brands offer enticing gift sets of perfume and home fragrances By mid-October of every year, many brands have launched their offers of various sets and special, limited editions which have been carefully prepared for the New Year and winter holidays. Some of them are very creative and draw attention with boxes and details on the bottles, reminding us of their most popular editions that we can get at s

from The Truth About Cancer

The Powerful Protective Properties of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Did you know that eucalyptus essential oil is a natural pain reliever and can help lower your blood sugar? The aboriginal people of Australia have already been using this oil for thousands of years for various health issues. Click in the image to read on to discover some of the remarkable healing qualities of eucalyptus essential oil, together with the latest research on it's health-boosting and protective properties and how to use it.

Foot reflexology centers on the theory that there are certain areas on the feet (reflex points) that are linked to the various parts of your body, and massaging them can bring about an assortment of health benefits.

It is a beautiful thought, unfortunately Jk has proven that she herself is racist/prejudiced and should stop. Ilvermorny houses (stolen from various Native American tribes, and magic school was founded by WHITE PEOPLE WHO CAME TO AMERICA!), and Fantastic Beasts movie (no black people/poc in Harlem in the 1920's).

Hello there my crafty friends!  I almost forgot about this pretty card, it pays to take a look back through some of my folders every on...

from The Letters of Literacy

Gingerbread Prewriting Strips

These gingerbread prewriting strips are a fun way to build up early writing skills, handwriting, and various writing strokes needed to form letters.

I am Emily Coleman, the creator of the Arbori. The Arbori are fantastic creatures of all shapes and sizes that blend in with the various landscapes of the planet. Upon their initial discovery, it was believed that the Arbori only took the form of trees.