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I've been in business for myself 7 years. I'm at a point that I know exactly who I want in my community and who I don't want.  If you can't afford it. If you don't get results. If you want to consume content and never take action. If you think by joining a mastermind that success will permeate your business magically. If you'd rather throw spaghetti at the wall and see what happens. If you don't measure your results. If you don't have goals. If you don't have a website. If you don't want to put your message out into the world. If you can't be bothered to update your website regularly. If you have an excuse for everything. If you're waiting to see someone else be successful first. You only want free advice that you'll never take action on. You want everything to be perfect. You are paralyzed by fear. You are consumed by self-doubt. You are self-aware. You are afraid of math.  You want to outsource your business. The rebels in my community kick ass and take action. They don't have excuses. They will make shit happen. They are the rebels you take notice of.   

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6 Tips To Create An Interior Designer Logo That Doesn't Blow Chunks

I get it. You're a gifted interior designer so you think you can create your own interior design logo. For 90% of the interior designers who do this, well. It goes horribly wrong. Just sayin'. Look you could make a bum's cardboard box look like a million bucks, but sometimes you get into these graphic design programs and go all crazy. Let's be real, here are the things you need to stop doing. Interior Designer Logo Tip #1: 2 Fonts Max, Por Favor Unless you're damn good at graphic design, stick with 2 fonts, tops. And make them opposite of each other. Like pair a serif and sans-serif. Or a handwriting and a serif. Just don't ever use cutesy juvenile fonts. Two words: Comic Sans. Oh don't bullshit me, you thought it was awesome when you first saw it 20 years ago. Interior Designer Logo Tip #2: Stay Classy, San Diego Classic will last you long time. You like it long time, no? If you go all trendy and use the cool font of the year, next year your logo is gonna be tired like furniture made from pallets. We really need to stop with the pallet furniture, mmkay? Interior Designer Logo Tip #3: Switch It Like Sybil Remember how Sybil could switch her personality in a hot minute? Yeah, don't do that with your logo. Nike doesn't make a new logo every week (and yes I've been guilty of this, I've been there so I totes get it) so you shouldn't either. Although I am tired of the HGTV logo now. Or is that just me? Interior Designer Logo Tip #4: Are you low class or high class Who your ideal audience does have quite a bit to do with your logo. If you want to attract the Pic 'N' Save clients (What?! I'm not calling it Big Lots. I refuse.) keep that logo all cartoony and looking like a box of crayons exploded all over it. If you want those fancy pants clients, make your logo timeless, classy and clear. Interior Designer Logo Tip #5: KISS Keep it simple, stupid. That's what my high school drafting teacher told us. He also told us to never buy a Peugeot. A simple logo can be so much stronger than a logo with a bunch of crap going on. Interior Designer Logo Tip #6: Let It Effing Breathe Just like in a room, people need room to mingle, walk, and dirty dance. Your logo needs space. Don't squish a bunch of shit into a logo. It will look cluttered and people will think it's a Rorschach Test. Need more help with creating your own interior designer logo? Check out the Branding Course and learn how to create a complete brand for your interior design business that won't blow chunks.

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