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Parental Stress Drips Down on Children

from Working Mom Magic

How to Be a Happy Mom When You are Stressed Out

I have been super stressed lately, and I thought I was doing a good job hiding that from my kids... until my son made a comment that opened my eyes. These methods have helped my to stop stress-parenting!

Teach your toddler to meditate with these 5 fun games. Studies have shown that meditation has a number of benefits for kids including a reduction in stress, a strengthened immune system, improved relationships and behavior and better memory and concentration. This post describes five simple relaxation games that you can play with your toddler.

from The Road to 31

6 Ways to Stress Less as a Mom

6 Ways to Stress Less as a Mom - I struggle with time management, do you? Here is some practical advice about making your schedule work with small children in the home.

How I made 30 days of baby food purees for just $25, in one hour. She's a genius - complete walk through on her plan of attack.

10 Keys to Healing Trauma in the Foster/Adopted Child by Bryan Pos

I often had to stand in a long line, out in the wind and rain at the foodbank and work extra hours, because I often didn't get the ordered child support. I was often under a lot of stress, lacking sleep, and then dealing with a special needs child. Life wasn't always easy, but i did my best.

Living on one income can be stressful, but it an also make you very creative and resourceful. Here are some tips on how to live within your means, eliminate debt and build a savings.

from One Crazy House

15 Baby Tips You Wish Your Mom Friends Had Told You -

Parenting is hard! But some things about it don't have to be. Check out these brilliant baby diy tips, tricks, and ideas that could potentially save time, money, and stress!