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You may not see the reason at the exact time, but some day you will. And looking back I thank God every day for unanswered prayers!! If I was in control of my life I would be stuck somewhere with someone and miserable. When you're finally in the right place and with the right person everything finally makes sense and you realize you should have been more trusting all along ;)

Believe. Gives me chills to think about the strength and faith that person had. This is in a girls camp song I've sung hundreds if times. Amazing to think I never knew where it came from.

Who am I and who can I become? When you really understand the answers to these questions - then putting ourselves down just doesn't cut it. It's Satan's tactic

Lean not on your own understanding - I wasn't meant to understand that which I do not understand - I am to trust in the Lord.

"Humility is to make a right estimate of one’s self." Charles Spurgeon ~ We’ve probably all had times when we’ve said “I’ll do it my way” to God. But His way is always the best way. So let’s ask God to give us humble hearts that willingly choose His way, not our own. ~ Father, forgive me for my pride and for so often thinking I know best. Give me a humble heart that is willing to follow Your way in everything. (ODB)

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