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A random rumor states that the script for 'Justice League - Part is too complicated and heavy with DC Comic book mythos for most casual moviegoers.

The five Green Lanterns of Earth; Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Simon Baz, and Kyle Rayner

The Lanterns Of Earth: -Hal Jordan -Guy Gardner -John Stewart -Kyle Rayner -Simon Baz

all the Corps.. i only know what these are because i had Grant explain them once

The Lanterns Bkack =death Red=rage Orange=greed Yellow=fear Green=will Blue=hope Indigo=compassion Pink=love White=life

Green Lantern Comic | green lantern corps comic book 62 green lantern corps 62 comic book ...

Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 # 62 Cover Art by Tyler Kirkham, Matt Banning, & Nathan Eyring

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) - DC Comics

Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern - pencils by Randy Green, ink by James Devgear, colors by Jack Lavy

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Art By Gil Kane & Wally Wood (Inks). More Green Lantern. Green Lantern DC Comics, More Silver Age Comics. Comic in better condition than advertised.