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Scribbling In The Dark —

INFJ || Notorious for trying to find the goodness in others; even the smallest kernels. We want to understand EVERYTHING, especially people. And with an understanding ear, our genuine interest in others, and our empathic abilities...we seek a deeper connection, insight, and clarity into the windows of others' souls.

Practice More Compassion

And people wonder why I'm depressed and sensitive sometimes when I'm on social media.

INFJ || It feels so wierd to find out what letter combination you are and suddenly everything you've ever known and everything you've ever felt is up on the board like this

I find this true. I notice the sadness in a person's eyes, body language, the way they look up to take notes in class, their posture, emotions in their voice. I'm always looking. Always.

This is SO me, except I'm barely across the line and am a "P." I'm right down the middle, actually. I am everything, and I am nothing.