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A digital story presented to involved parties for empathy and action

With a willing commander, a Times correspondent and photographer set off down a highway strewn with the charred remains of vehicles destroyed in suicide bombings.

Solar Power Farms Dot the Globe in Intricate, Puzzle-Like Patterns

The Desert Sunlight solar project (left) gleams like a jewel in California’s Mojave Desert on March 12, 2015. Topaz Solar Farm (right) rests on the Carrizo Plain of California

Manon van Hoeckel is crowdfunding the In Limbo Embassy, a travelling office that aims to facilitate open discussion around immigration in the Netherlands

Coca-Cola Saves The World

The future of marketing is philanthropy. Here’s an idea which illustrates this concept.

5 Signs Your Leadership Style Is Too Soft

There’s huge pressure on leaders to keep employees engaged and inspired and to create workplaces that are fun and fulfilling. But sometimes these initiatives go too far and bottom-line business results suffer. Leaders turn overly soft and are so focused on making people happy that they forget to help employees [...]

3D Hubs allows you to print objects at local 3D printers and pick them up (or have them shipped). - 3D printed 'Mycelium Chair' made from water, straw and fungus | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News