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Como fazer um tampo de mesa de acrílico

Aprenda de tudo com eHow Brasil. Encontre dicas, receitas, instruções e curiosidades sobre saúde, tecnologia, culinária, comportamento e muito mais!

Traditional Children's Games in Brazil

A Budget Traveler's Guide to Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is known to be an expensive city, but you can make it budget-friendly with these tips!

Christmas Cactus Cuttings: How to Grow Roots in Water

Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii) is a native of Brazil. Not at all like the familiar desert cactus, Christmas cactus is tropical, spineless and it blooms in trailing flowers. It requires long periods of darkness at night, in the fall, to bloom for Christmas. Pruning the Christmas cactus after it blooms is an important part of its care....

Bobó de Camarão

Receita de Bobó de Camarão em 5 passos. Saiba os ingredientes e o passo a passo para fazer bem fácil.

How to Start An Acting Career

The toucan represents communication and showmanship and a strong desire to be seen and heard. It is likely time for you to step forward out of the shadows and stand in the lime light for awhile. If you have difficulty speaking in public toucan medicine can help clear the way for improvement. The toucan may appear whenever you are craving attention, helping you to sort out why you are feeling this way. Toucan can boost your self-esteem. It is safe to take off the mask and reveal your true…