Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas | Detail of 'Emperor Heraclius Slays the King of Persia' | The emperor is wearing pointy gothic armour, apparently gilded, with a crown on his helmet. The King of Persia appears to have his armour hidden by clothing, although he is wearing a helmet and lower arm defenses. Harding Collection, Chicago Institute of Art.

Armour in the Boppard Panels

Burrell Collection Boppard windows, appearing in the Agony in the Garden, Christ before Pilate and Resurrection panels | Detail of 'Emperor Heraclius Slays the King of Persia' | This gentleman appears to be getting knocked from his horse, who is unconcerned and having a drink. Or perhaps he is fainting with distress - the Persians on the left of the painting all look unhappy, while the Byzantines on the right are downright smug. I'm guessing that his red shirt is covering the upper part of a gothic breastplate, and his gilded 'corset' is really just the lower plate. Harding…

Saint Michael, 1450–1500, Master of Belmonte; the saint symbolises Christ triumphant over evil and the demon, the Antichrist. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Old Leather Belt Art - love this. Found on FB:

Steel, embossed, with traces of gilding French end of 16th century The decoration, originally gilt overall, consists of battle scenes of soldiers wearing classical armor. Now incomplete, the armor once possessed a get (collar) and arm defenses.