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distinguished gentleman in the making...you can always tell if someone feels really good about how they look

As far as I Know Usher Only has 2 cute lil boys.so Ummm This little boy can easily be the Third right? Wow what a Cute lil Usher look alike!

Beautiful coloring on this little baby! #Great #Dane #puppy

120+ Great Dane

♡♡♡ Anubis & Felix♡♡♡Hug your black cats. I have two little black ones they are so beautiful!

I have a black cat that I adore, named Scamper. I'm living in a rooming house right now that doesn't allow pets, so she's living with my mom. I'm very excited!

No one wants me because I'm black.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

It's not fur! Meet the cats no one wants - just because they are black. Can YOU give any of them a home?

Part of an unwanted litter taken to Millwood Cat Rescue in Nottinghamshire six weeks ago, this female (left) doesn't have a name yet, but the inquisitive little girl is desperate to be cared for