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The fast-food chain's come up for a dose of criticism in recent years over the nutritional value and sustainability of its offerings and for its low-paying jobs. And business has stumbled. Subway actually overtook McDonald's in 2011 as the fast food chain with the most locations worldwide. Things got worse in the summer of 2012 when sales dropped for the first time in a decade, a slump from which McDonald's has yet to recover.

Andrew Cha The “Child Vision Glasses” were designed in 2013 by Professor Josh Silver. These glasses were intended for low income children ages 7 – 18, so that they could use a single pair of affordable glasses for a decade. But even outside of its purpose, I consider this good design. This design is making the right difference in the business model of eye wear for low income families.

10 New Business Models for this Decade (beta) 1. Localized Low-Cost Business Model 2. One-Off Experience Business Model 3. Beyond Advertising Business Model 4.…

"The 2008 crash was more than the start of a recession; it represented the end of what economists James Stock and Mark Watson labeled the "Great Moderation," a two-decade period of low business cycle volatility, moderate inflation, moderate unemployment, and steady industrial production. The Great Moderation lulled businesses into reducing their reserves and led some economists to speculate that perhaps we had moved beyond business cycles entirely."