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While I was just scrolling through Pinterest, this image of our home I snapped last year on my phone popped up with almost 40,000 pins 😱! You could just knock me over with a feather. We are so honored and grateful for the interest in our home. It pushes us and motivates us and encourages us in ways we could never have imagined! Thank you for letting us be apart of this amazing community! Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions about our house! It's a new construction home we…

~My question is, what about when an officer pulls a driver over and pops the hood before even exiting the vehicle? Does a motorist have the right to ask the officer to lower the hood, or would that be an immediate case of resisting arrest and threatening an officer? Because those are the grounds by which 240+ citizens have been fatally fired upon by police officers.~

Jungkook's face in this interview, I'm crying!! honestly what happened during this interview that made him like this. Jungkook, more like JungSHOOK amiright??

BTS | V.... I'm dead.... My fellow ARMYs will know why....

Furthermore I'm pretty sure all the Cypher titles are ALL in English too 😂 BlankTae XD

GOT7 JB hahahah A normal fangirl would let him in I on the other hand would of thrown cold water on him first then let him in

i would totally allow comic art like this in our room if it looked like this with a dresser like that to accompany it! :)

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Jimin how are you real <- the question I ask myself every night thinking about life in bed