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When someone falls… Gravity thou art a heartless bitch Lol too funny sheldon (Big bang Theory)

I had a hard time concentrating this morning in my golf lesson because my instructor kept using the word "good" when he meant "well".

I love Sheldon.and I cry because stupid people make me sad, too

The Big Bang Theory Intro, Frame By Frame | images.duelos.net

The Big Bang Theory - Intro frame by frame Awesome! I've always wondered exactly what each and every frame was. Interesting that it's not in chronological order.

Sheldon overcoming fears, breaking windows and as intelligent as he is, continues to refer to this as a Blue Jay. He's blue. That he's got right!

The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon and his bird "Lovey Dovey"

<3 Big Bang Theory The Susan Boyle one about made me laugh out loud.

Big bang theory is awesome

Big Bang Theory cast re-creating famous scenes/people. Leonard as Susan Boyle is a personal fave.

BAZINGA! artchick76

Bazinga ...BaZnGa ... black or white periodic table inspired necklace

Who doesnt love Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and his catch phrase BaZnGa. These necklaces are inspired by the periodic table elements being used as

sarcasm.. Big bang theory

We need more signs like this

TBBT - Sheldon has a hard time recognizing sarcasm - here's your sign!

Her face in the last one... priceless

Quote from The Big Bang Theory │ Amy Farrah Fowler: I thought I’d let Harry Potter make things hotter. Amy Farrah Fowler: I got a Gryffindor robe for you. Sheldon Cooper: Oh… A Gryffindor sleeping with a Hufflepuff? How scandalous.

Big Bang Theory

Poster illustrations for the Big Bang Theory. Leonard, Howard, Sheldon and Rajesh. Inkscape April 2012 The Big Bang Theory