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@trekandbloom took this amazing shot and we applied Lightroom preset 'A2' from 'Collection X'. The only reason to feel lonely is when you lose touch with the reality of existing and chase after cravings for things that are illusions of happiness. #astrophotography #campvibes

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<3 Michael Jackson <3 - one of mine that I made - preset to FB Cover size so feel free to steal :) [if you use it as a FB cover your profile picture will cover the bottom left heart but you can still see his face]

This Autumn let something die. A worry a relationship a project that has run its course. Let go of anxiety over the future. Let go of guilt. Let go of other peoples dreams for you. Let go of the fear that happiness or success or love or joyousness somehow isnt for you. Let go of feeling unwanted. Go outside can you feel how deeply your presence is craved here? Let go of the small and burdensome things. Gifts never opened. Keys without a lock. Broken earrings old love letters the ephemera on…