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A Celtic tribe conquered by Julius Caesar but united roman citizen to create a unity to resist political and economical force, creating today Switzerland (Confederacy Helvetica) CH world identification.

Roman farmers Calendar. Each side bears the names of three months of the year. For each month we can see, starting from the top: the number of days in it, the day in which the Nones(the day of the moons first quarter)falls; the duration of the day and night expressed in hours; the sign of the Zodiac; the protecting divinity; work to be attended to in the fields, and the most important festivities. #TaraMedium

How the Romans saw their world. If you turn it North up it's mostly right. The edges ar too cold or too far or in the case of the rest of Africa too hard to live in with there lifestyle. Too many diamonds would ruin their social construct and world trade anyway.

British Isles 2 - Roman - final PNG 700 Maps of Britain and Ireland’s ancient tribes, kingdoms and DNA

Belgae were a large confederation of tribes living in northern Gaul, between the English Channel and the west bank of the Rhine, from at least the third century BC. Atrebates: Belgic tribe of Gaul and Britain before the Roman conquests. However it is possible that the Atrebates were a family of rulers (dynasty), as there is no evidence for a major migration from Belgium to England.

In ancient Greek and Roman cities, whole blocks of housing were built up to five or six stories high. Businesses fronted the streets, behind which were first-floor large houses. Apartments, without plumbing or heat, filled the upper floors. Without water available above the ground floors, fire was a constant worry.