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Suit Over Firing Exposes Strife Within Benghazi Panel

A former investigator for the Reps on the House Select Committee on Benghazi plans to file a complaint in fed court... alleging that he was fired unlawfully in part bc his superiors opposed his efforts to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the '12 attack on the American diplomatic mission in the Libyan city. Instead, they focused primary on the role of the State Dept and former Sec of State Hillary Rodham Clinton...

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The state or the people of the state didn't refuse it. The Republican governors of those states refused to expand Medicaid for the poor and elderly.

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6 pols who benefit if Hillary's 2016 campaign crashes

Hillary Clinton hasn't even announced whether she'll run for President in 2016, and already, news over alleged improprieties during her tenure as secretary of state are threatening to derail a potential candidacy...


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Bold photography is utilized to capture this New York State mind by providing the typical busy New York City life with cluttered and a framed orientation.


Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi Gang

Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi Gang --- Hillary R. Clinton, the former secretary of state, spent hours on Thursday facing down a gang of spiteful Republican lawmakers... The pointless grilling of Mrs. Clinton, who fielded a barrage of questions that have long been answered and settled, served only to embarrass the Republican lawmakers who have spent millions of dollars on a political crusade. In recent days, some prominent Republicans have even admitted as much...

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Was That Hillary Clinton Pumping Gas?

Hillary Rodham Clinton said she was going to hit the road. And she did. Around the time a video was posted announcing her candidacy for president, Mrs. Clinton began a two-day drive to Iowa where she is scheduled to have her first campaign event on Tuesday. The surprise road trip was Mrs. Clinton’s idea and would not have been made public had someone who saw her at a gas station in Pennsylvania not alerted CNN, an aide said. The aide added that Mrs. Clinton wanted to visit with people at…

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Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal: Winners & Losers

Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal: Winners & Losers -- What the realists on both sides [U.S. and Iran] want is a strategic dialogue that gets at underlying mutual hatreds, distrust, and the volatile issues of the Mideast region... Iran and Washington worked together in the early stages of the Afghan war to fight the Taliban and al Qaeda... And American pragmatists, at least, see that their Saudi and Gulf state “friends” have actually done more to harm U.S. interests throughout that area than has Iran…