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What is Carding? Carding is an initial stage of cotton spinning. It is defined as the reduction of entangled mass of fibres to filmy web by working them between two closely spaced relatively moving surfaces (flats and cylinder) closed with wires. For this, the imperfect fibres and other impurities have to be removed.

FELTING OF WOOL is the irreversible shrinkage of the length, breadth and/or thickness of the material. It is achieved by subjecting the wool textile material to agitation in an aqueous solution. When a wet, untreated wool textile material is agitated, as during laundering, the wool fibers tend to move in a rootward direction. The root end of the fiber curls upon itself, causing a mass of entangled fibers.

DYEING OF SILK FIBER. Like wool, silk is a protein fibre and can therefore be dyed using the same methods as for wool dyeing. Silk is dyed in all its commercial forms but is best dyed in the form of hanks (yarn) and piece good

GLASS FIBERS Glass fiber is manufactured in a wide range of fine diameters. Some of them are so fine that they can be seen only through a microscope. This quality of fineness contributes greatly to the flexibility of glass fibers. Various manufacturers produce different types of glass fibers for different end uses. Glass fibers are used for various purpose: home furnishings fabrics, apparels and garments, reinforced plastics.

DRAFT Ratio, Roller Drafting System, High Speed Drafting - Movement of the fibers in the drafting zone

MERINO TOP - Superwash - 21,5 Micron -Ashland Bay - 8 oz - TOP: Fiber is combed to provide spinning fiber in which all the fibers are parallel. This preparation of fiber is best suited to worsted or semi worsted spinning.

FIBRES for Fabrics

Magnified fibers of (a) silk (b) wool (c) cotton - Surface contour: Surface contour of the fiber in length is smooth, rough or uneven. Wool is covered with small scales that make the fiber cling together, cotton has twisted surface, that reflects the light unevenly and imparts a dull appearance. Silk fibers are very thin and smooth.

Wool Lint Ball - Lint balls on clothing show up when fabrics rub against each other during laundering and everyday wear.

Cotton Facts & Fiber Facts - Information on different types of textile fibers: cotton

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