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Roger Ebert's Top Films Of His Career

This book. Words cannot describe the feelings I have for it! The emotion and heartbreak that I felt when I watched the much! If you have never watched it, drop what you are doing and watch it NOW!

THE PLEDGE (2001) - Jack Nicholson - Helen Mirren - Robin Wright Penn - Vanessa Redgrave - Sam Shephard - Aaron Eckhart - Mickey Rourke - Benicio Del Toro - Based on novel by Friedrich Dürrenmatt - Directed by Sean Penn - Warner Bros. - Movie Poster.

GHOST. A BEAUTIFUL, SAD FILM. ONE OF THOSE THAT STAY WITH YOU. LAST PINNER: Ghost ... one of the most romantic movie scenes EVER !!!

Film: War: Pan's Labyrinth quiz and discussion questions

PAN’S LABYRINTH ➢ 7 multiple choice Qs and answers ➢ 4 short answer Qs with answers ➢ 4 research Qs with links and answers ➢ 11 essay and discussion Qs (1 Q has 4 sub-questions; another question has 2 sub-questions; some questions are based upon quotations from the director; there is also a comparison question to The Cave Allegory in Plato's Republic.) 2 of the questions are aligned with the following: CCSS.RL.9-10.2 & CCSS.RL.9-10.3 ➢ A 14 page summary $ (image: movies in frames)