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I can order these at wholesale prices call me 541-760-4309....159.00 instead of 345.00 make sure of your size ...No returns or refunds I can take m/c and visa or ....Discover delivery time 7 to 10 days.Size 26 waist through 32waist

Me: Oh my gosh it's so hot outside Me: -wears all black-

How cool is that like ANYONE could be magical and we can't trust them yet. But a bunch of people know my full name O.O

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not sure how the plants play into the outfit but i'd stand next to them if it looks nice.

Funny Minions from Colorado (03:16:43 AM, Thursday 13, October 2016 PDT) – 66 pics

Levi, why are you covered with blood? Armin x Jean, Jearmin, Attack on titan, AOT, SNK

Didn't really have a choice. lol that's why jeans are so hard for me to find. I hate jeans.


Billy Straight Leg

True religion straight leg. I want I want!..Why do they have to be 300 dollars :/