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NSFW. You must be to follow me. Unless otherwise indicated, all pictures are taken from around the web or reblogged from Tumblr. I'm a hopeless romantic who is taken. I post whatever catches my eye from beautiful humans and animals to delectable food...

Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains 12"x18" Print

Some days make us lose sight of the bigger picture. Some days we can't seem to focus on more than the pain and agony that we have to endure. But those are the days we need to remember that today is just one day in our live. Just because it's a bad day doe

My name is Matt an aspiring artist (ceramics mostly) and horticulturist and Nothing is mine unless I say it is. I will do my best to source everything I can. So with that said if you see something that is yours and want me to remove it I will. Simple...

Perhaps the biggest truth behind our restlessness and unhappiness. We are ever increasing our expectations of the 'future' while completely looking past the present that can actually fulfil all our expectations ...but we never gave it a chance.

What Is Done In Love Is Done Well Van Gogh quote 11 x 14 Art Print

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Teague talking to Mina about the curse trying too get her to make a deal where he would end her curse but she would have to stay with him forever on the fae plane(I would like that ending lol)|||| If it is J/T not only Teague.