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All Sorts of Comical Cats. Verses by Clifton Bingham. Illustrations by Louis Wain. London: Nister [1902]. First edition. Illustrated by Wain with color cover, mounted chromolithographed frontis plus 2-color and line illustrations. Wain, Victorian-era illustrator of anthropomorphic cats, has often been held up as the classic example of a schizophrenic artist. Wain’s famous felines were born amusing his wife as she was dying

Illustrated Skull With Stand. A sculpture of sorts that I created for Halloween/ Day of the Dead this year based around a paper mache skull that I found at a craft store. I've always enjoyed white colored pencil on butcher paper and in this case I thought the slight sheen from the colored pencil almost gives it the look of a real skull. The illustration started out based on leaves around my house but I ended up with all sorts of different ones on there as I kept going over the course of...

"Armenian illustrator Edgar Artis has a wonderfully unique eye for fashion, cleverly creating unique dress designs from such yummy treats as chocolate, french fries, whipped cream, Swiss cheese and even some fruits including lemon and kiwi. Artis is also fond of other media for his designs, all of which can be seen on his Instagram and Facebook pages."

Le Pigeon is a French restaurant.It is located at 738 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214.I wanted to pin this restaurant because I think that its logo is creative. On the door is an illustration of a pigeon with all sorts of food in it.It is really fresh idea for the logo and for design itself.This illustration brings more interest to this restaurant.

Cover illustration by H. J. Ford for ‘The all sorts of stories book’ by Mrs. Lang; edited by Andrew Lang. Published 1911 by Longmans, Green & Co. See the complete book here

I’ve been a little slack with posting new work on here lately. I was overseas for a couple of weeks and i’ve been mad busy with all sorts of projects. Anyway, here’s a drawing I finished recently. More coming soon…x View more recent illustrations on...

Calgary artist Heather Buchanan sells prints, greeting cards, and more. Find paintings of celebrities, illustrations of bad puns, and all sorts of fun stuff.

All Sorts of Clothes by Hannah Reidy and illustrated by Emma Dodd. Ms. Ashley read this book on 1/12/17.

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