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Word Sorts {First Grade Edition}

Word Sorts {First Grade Edition} These 40 word sorts contain all the spelling patterns first graders need to know. Students color the words that follow the same patterns the same color and write them in the correct column. For extra practice, they can illustrate some of the words or write some in sentences on the back of each sheet. FREE Long e word sort if you download the preview!

Above and Below by Anako Clulow An interactive book where children can lift half the page to see exactly what lives in a particular area. Children will enjoy reading about all sorts of different creatures. Full of facts but told in beautiful illustrations, this is the perfect book for kids who love non-fiction. They will love how each habitat is multi-layered. We recommend for ages 4-9.

Lord there were so many things taking place in today's reading, somewhat difficult to fathom. A man delivered from all sorts of darkness, another's daughter deceased and brought back to life, and a woman healed after years of illness. The mind still has a difficult time comprehending these types of illustrations.

How_to_draw_all_sorts_of_crap_by_Coelasquid.jpg (700×5000)...Zeichnen leichtgemacht für jedermann....muuuahahaaAAAA!!!

How_to_draw_all_sorts_of_crap_by_Coelasquid.jpg (700×5000)...Zeichnen leichtgemacht für jedermann....muuuahahaaAAAA!!!

London-based illustrator Matthew Booker (@matt.booker1) has the ability to capture the energy of people’s behaviour in all sorts of scenarios. On the site today we check out his charming collection of drawings, lino-cuts and prints. #itsnicethat

Decoupaged artist specializing in all sorts of boxes. DIY illustrator with a passion for decoupage and trash to treasure projects!

Day 2 of #meetthemakerweek : you (and your team) So here we are this is me my husband and our three year old Ellis! They are without a doubt part of my team here at Nia Tudor Illustration. My husband does the post office runs after school (usually getting a phone call at lunch from me saying "wash these need to go TODAY!!") my son tidied up behind me if you've dropped a piece of paper a bit of packaging tape or spilt some paint water he's your guy (he tells me off for not putting them in the…

We are 4HUMANS, a multi-lingual, multi-platform production company specialized in building memorable audiovisual experiences. Our mission is to connect humans in a fun and friendly way, using a wide range of techniques, from stop motion to VR. We hold all sorts of talented beings in our Mothership, illustrators, animators, designers, compositors, dreamers and makers. You’re welcome to take a tour through our refreshed site!

This week I'm joining in with #MeetTheMakerWeek organised by @joannehawker and today is about where I work. This is my little office I've had this desk since 2002 (when I was just 14) and it has been with me ever since. I work in my spare room which doubles up as a guest bedroom when we have family staying. Whilst I'm working I'm regularly surrounded by lots of paper notebooks pens paints etc and I'll manage to find the smallest space to work. The organised chaos regularly extends onto the…