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Chakra shelves. Pagan Wiccan Witch craft inspiration. Great for urban witches! Use any tight corner! It's wasted space anyway, may as well make it pretty.

Creating an altar P24 Certain types of musical instruments are associated with the elements and can add emphasis to any Spell work or ritual. Drums are associated with the element of earth for example and rhythmic drum beating music can help with magical purposes such as career and finances. The element of air is connected with wooden wind instruments such as flutes and chimes or bells and can help with magical workings involving ideas and inspirations.

Oh my Goddess. I am inspired!!! I LOVE this!!! Cast A Stone Sales Reiki symbol Stones on crystals, runes and more. witch witchy craft inspiration Pagan Wiccan

"Earthing" is something we all need to do more often to "ground" us all !!! <<<Agreed. Yet another reason why I rarely wear shoes. Used to get in trouble quite a bit for frequently taking them off(especially at work). XD

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ThePaganPathway on fb If we were all honest and not overly filled with zealous piety we would all KNOW that this is true.