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The Queen's English Photo by: Mark Vaughn

According to Stephen King it already is a classic so you can already think of your knowledge as intellectual even if others don't

Diana could wear any color. This shade of green was magnificent on her!

Here are some more sadly neglected books. From the 18th century onwards, English country houses often had well-stocked libraries, thanks to classical education, the Enlightenment, and of course the rise of printing technology, which made books less expensive. Still, some of these look like more modern paperbacks, probably purchased by the later occupants.

earlandcountessofwessex: Wessex Family, 2016-Edward, Sophie, Louise and James

Read most of the books on the "banned book list". Oooh I'm such a rebel

Autumn vibes with moody colour pallets and warm Bella Brass cup handles. The Hampton Court Kitchen by deVOL

I absolutely must have a photograph of Sam and me like this someday. Preferably, someday very soon.