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Streaming musical : comment l’Asie résiste à l’envahisseur - Rue89 - L'Obs

These LDS 2016 Primary Program Comment Cards are the perfect way to let the…

Tumblr Gets Deep (21 Pics) |

BBC take note. haha! Also, if you haven't seen A Very Potter Musical, you should add it to your "to see" list.

FREE SLIDES & IDEA - Pass the Pumpkin - O For Tuna - Great activity using a chant, game, and instruments!

Only a musician can appreciate this!! <-- original caption. my caption --> anyone who has taken one lesson in any sort of musical forum will understand this. but it's still funny

AVPM A Very Potter Musical Sequel Draco Malfoy if this homemade dark mark won't convince you...

Oh man, if I had a phone this would be me, but I only have a laptop, tablet and a 3ds to listen to music on.

The Night the Candy Corns Escaped - rhythm activity-- use the song described in the comments!!